I Ching 2: an Oracle App Reviews

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Bug i Ching 2 With 4s

Hello, I Ching crash when it open? Even after i ve reloaded it? And purchase Alain? What happen ???

Not a serious treatment of the text

This is not a serious text, only for amusement. Any skilled reader will be disappointed.


Well-conceived process. Texts are cryptic but faithful as attributed.

Very useful

Still feel the same! This is a great app. Good content and the localisation (French) is first-rate.

Very useful…

… at giving another perspective.


Fine program. Well done.

Very useful

It grants a full 5 Stars! congratulations, very good and useful I King App!

Bellissima app...

Quando ho qualche dubbioi i ching hanno sempre un buon suggerimento!

To improve

Good app, usefull. But it would be better with a better translation in italian and more explanations. Please upgrade.

Great app, very interesting, surprisingly insightful.

I used to be interested in this in college, this app has revitalized my interest. Try it out, its surprisingly insightful.

Best I Ching for iPhone

I really like the new version. Visually its very beautiful. Its also a much improved interface. Thanks so much for these new changes. Ive been a student of the Ching for over 45 years and its so nice to have it at my fingertips.

Very Disappointed 

I expected this to be like my I Ching book which has much more text and can be really thought provoking. What you see on the sample of this app is what you get each time you. I mean, that is *all* you get ... two short blurbs. And no virtual coin toss.  Not sure why others think the app is so great. Maybe Im missing something, but this will never work as any kind of oracle for me. Its coming off my iPhone the next time I sync with my Mac. Dont waste youron this.

Good I Ching app

Not a lot of bells and whistles, but a solid app, and the 2nd best I Ching app on iPhone.

I ching

Over 50+ years of use. Obscure, but dont let that stop you from buying all the translations you can afford. Be a onion and talk and peal. Its not the I ching to understand, its you.

Pleasant i Ching

Aesthetically pleasing i Ching. French translation is poetic and accurate. Enjoy having an i Ching oracle with me. Grazi.

I dont like it

Im disappointed. I bought this one because my english is not so good, but the app arent completly translated and worse, texts are not complete.

Functional for the experienced seeker

I use this app instead of my coins and it works. The text is derived from Whilhelm-Baynes, and offers no interpretation on the oracle screen but traditional commentary is in the "Browser" section, which you can pop in and out of. I have been using the I Ching for over 10 years so I use the text as a reminder. One can tell it was translated by a person with ESL, and there are a lot of typos but its still useful for the experienced seeker.

All In One

Live this app. Guidance to everything in everyway! Imagine.

No text

This app shows text, like an I ching book, but as soon as you buy it you learn that the text explaining the hexogram is missing because it belonged to Princeton. Sooo.. I just spent two bucks to get a hexagram with no explanation.


I would say its useful if I knew how to interpret it. Maybe one day. Original text is cryptic and the translations help a lot.

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